Can Wind Turbines Withstand Hurricanes?

Wind turbines are designed to withstand extreme weather, including hurricanes. But how strong can a hurricane get, and how do wind turbines fare against them?

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The first day of June through the last day of November is what meteorologists officially refer to as the Atlantic hurricane season. At this time of year, the northeastern United States is at risk of being hit by tropical storms that develop over the ocean and bring severe weather, including strong winds, tropical storms, heavy rains, and rip currents. How, therefore, can wind turbines located at sea manage to stay operational during storms?

wind turbines hurricanes
Can Wind Turbines Survive Hurricanes?

An anemometer is a device that measures wind speed and is typically included in wind turbines. This information is transmitted to the controller for the turbine. These wind speeds determine when the turbine controller will cut in and when it will cut power to the generator. The turbines can generate power only when the wind speed is between 8 and 55 miles per hour (mph)2.When the anemometer detects wind speeds that are equal to or lower than the cut-out speed of the turbine, regular operation of the blades is resumed, and the turbine continues to supply the grid with renewable energy.

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between the power output of a turbine and constant wind speeds. The amount of electricity generated increases proportionately with the speed of the wind until it reaches its maximum, also known as its rated power. The wind speed continues to grow, but the power generated by the turbine stays the same. This continues until the turbine reaches the cut-out speed, at which point it turns off in order to avoid putting additional strain on the rotor 1.

Any turbine (together with its substructure base) should be capable of withstanding extreme loading with a specific likelihood of return period induced by storm winds, waves, and currents in accordance with industry standards.

wind turbines hurricanes
Designing Hurricane-Resilient Systems

Since hurricanes have not posed a threat to the offshore wind farms that have already been constructed in Europe, active research is being carried out in order to improve the accuracy of the risk assessment for this type of danger.


Hurricanes pose a threat to wind turbines since the highest wind speeds that may be experienced during these storms can surpass the maximum wind speeds that wind turbines were designed to withstand. Wind turbines are designed to withstand storms. It is the responsibility of already-operational projects, project developers, turbine makers, and the industry as a whole to keep the general public informed about how wind turbines react to severe weather.


Can wind turbines still function in strong winds?

Wind turbines are designed to function in a wide range of wind speeds, from very light to very strong. They are able to generate power about 80% of the time, although not always at their maximum capacity. They only stop operating when there is a very high risk of harm from the wind.

Can wind turbines still generate power during a storm?

If the shaping is done correctly, loads are minimised, and the wind turbine is able to continue producing power even while there are storms going on around it without having a negative influence on the power grid.

Has a tornado ever been responsible for the destruction of a wind turbine?

The gusts of wind were unmanageable. This week, a meteorologist by the name of Payton Malone posted a photo on social media that illustrated the damage that a tornado in Texas caused to a number of wind turbines. This week, Texas was hit by 18 tornadoes when a series of storms moved through the state. It appears that one of the tornadoes in North Texas was responsible for the destruction of the turbines.

wind turbines hurricanes
Can Offshore Wind Turbines Survive Hurricanes?

How windy does it have to be before wind turbines stop working?

Wind speeds of seven to nine miles per hour are normally sufficient to get the vast majority of what are known as large-scale wind turbines turning. Their maximum safe speeds range between 50 and 55 miles per hour. This is their upper limit for speed. Large-scale wind turbines often incorporate a brake system that engages at speeds of approximately 55 miles per hour to protect the blades from being damaged.

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