Wind Energy Wall 


The power of art can also power the world

Wind turbines do not necessarily need to be physicality intrusive or not aesthetic. 

We can create designs that are aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

This “kinetic wall” is made up of an array of rotary blades that spin individually, driving a mini generator that creates electricity.

The electricity is utilized in the home, shopping malls or business, can be stored in a wall-mounted battery, or can even be fed back into the national grid to provide revenue for the owner via the Fit Scheme in Hong Kong as well as in other Countries.

In Hong Kong the revenue generated by selling electricity with a system of this size and power is HKD 5 kWh which translate into around HKD 100,000 per year depending on the location and available wind speeds.

Another interesting alternative is to feed the electricity into the Bitcoin Network. By adding only 1 mining equipment to our Wind Energy Wall you can still generate around HKD 100,000 per year in Bitcoin, depending on the location, available wind speeds, mining equipment, hashrate and Bitcon price.

From the sustainability angle, we are also contributing to replace fossil fuels in electricity generation, proving not only renewable but more important non-pollutant energy generation. 

Our Wind Energy Wall saves around 5000 kg of CO2 emissions per year. 

*Note: this quotations are estimated by December 2021. For updated quotations on these calculations please contact us. 


Segment Dimensions

Rotor Diameter:

Rotor Height: 

Rotor Swept Area: 

Blade Twist Angle: 

Rotor Blades Pitch angle: 


Wall Dimensions

External Dimensions W ✕ H ✕ D: 

Internal Swept Area 

Number of rotors 

Rated wind spee

Cp (Coefficient of Power)

Rated Power 

Savings in CO2 emissions

Revenue Generated via Fit Scheme

Revenue Generated via Bitcoin Mining



 0.5 m

2.0 m

1.0 m^2

0 degree

90 degree



 5.2 ✕ 2.25 ✕ 0.5 m

10 m^2


10 m/s


2,145 W

5,000 kg of CO2 per year

HKD 94,000 per year

HKD 98,000 per year