Green Bitcoin Mining


Bitcoin mining is suitable for renewables

Bitcoin mining is converging with the energy sector with amazing rapidity, yielding an explosion of innovation that will both decarbonize bitcoin in the medium term, and will dramatically benefit increasingly renewable grids. What’s more, it appears that only bitcoin – rather than other industrial load sources – can actually achieve some of these goals.

Bitcoin enthusiasts have long maintained that bitcoin mining could drive a clean energy transition. The logic went as follows: Bitcoin miners voraciously buy the cheapest sources of energy available; renewable (wind and solar) sources of energy are getting progressively cheaper and will soon outmatch thermal energy on cost; bitcoin miners will therefore subsidize the buildout of renewable energy, benefiting everyone.


Case of Study: Potential application of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines in HUT8 Operational Centers 

Hut 8 currently has two data mining centers located in Alberta, Canada, which allows to harness the power of Alberta’s diverse energy sources. These mining centers mine efficiently and in an environmentally conscious manner through an abundance of gas, wind and green energy. Operating in areas with freezing cold temperatures and high winds, which are optimal mining conditions. 


Open Air Block Boxes


Total Hashrate:

Total Power: 



External Dimensions  H ✕ D: 

Internal Swept Area 


Rated wind speed

Cp (Coefficient of Power)

Rated Power 

Total Power 

Savings in CO2 emissions

Revenue Generated from VAWTs operations




3M TH/s

42 MW



2m ✕ 1m 

2 m^2

6 per block box

15 m/s


1.65 kW per VAWT

650 kW

1,050 tons of CO2 per year

USD 3,000,000 per year

*Note: these estimations were calculated by December 2021. For updated values please contact us.