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The WindCycle concept

WindCycle’s wind turbines use a vertical-axis wind turbine connected electricity poles. As the energy of the wind causes the turbine to rotate a generator connected to the rotor convert that energy into usable electricity.

WindCycle turbines can be sited in areas that are currently out of reach for traditional wind turbines (that requires large areas of land or sea to be deployed. This means that WindCycle turbines can be sited wherever winds are generated in the city by moving vehicles or particular building structure that produce increase in natural wind speed.
Research and scientific reports also show that vertical-axis wind turbines have a high structural limit and can be built larger than horizontal-axis wind turbines.

WindCycle benefits

Less load on the bearings

Easy maintenance

Lower overall cost

Easily accessed which reduces service costs. 

The companys unique system ensures lower manufacturing costs, lower life-cycle costs (i.e. reduced need for service and maintenance) and thus a lower overall cost. 

WindCycle can produce renewable wind energy at a much lower cost than its competitors.

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Lower costs

The WindCycle concept is based on simplicity. This cuts production costs and maintenance costs to provide WindCycle owners with an attractive and cost-efficient solution.


The WindCycle concept outperforms traditional horizontal turbines by being even more scalable.

Vertical turbines always point in the right direction

As a part of WindCycle’s concept of simplicity, our vertical turbine does not have to point in any specific direction. Although this might sound insignificant, it eliminates the need for complex machinery and directional controls. Let’s bring costs down!

Compact wind farms

The typical spacing constraints on conventional HAWT wind farms do not fully apply to WindCycle’s vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWTs). It is even possible to increase the power by placing the wind turbines close to each other in the crosswind direction and use the flow interaction.


First ever vertical axis wind turbine technology implementable that is durable and reliable.


Almost 30% more energy production per year compared to similar horizontal axis wind turbine under same wind condition.


Investment and operational costs reduced compared to horizontal axis wind turbines.

Social Impact

Due to specific blades rotation on the vertical axis there is:

• Lower noise pollution

  • Less bird fatalities
  • Easily adaptable to urban environments

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We Craft Elegent Solutions with Powerful Technology

The proposed technology is characterized by a very high efficiency. The product efficiency has been calculated with computational fluid dynamics software, recreating real behaviour of air around a rotating geometry thanks to applying Navier-Stokes equations together with a proper turbulence model (in this case k-omega SST).

Durable and efficient.

Loading amplitudes are greatly limited is the most important component increasing product lifetime. Our properly divided turbine can work indefinitely.


The solution has low solidity in wind turbine terms, which means it uses fewer materials and consequently has a lower manufacturing cost. The division of the rotor into sections proportioned in a specific manner allows for making a higher, sleeker rotor without worrying about added aeroelasticity problems.
These final factors, together with maximum load and load amplitude reduction, make the product life-expectancy much greater while at the same time decreasing material and maintenance costs.
Technology is easily scalable and tested. Please contact us in case you are interested in assesing technology integration feasibility and license terms and conditions.