Mission & Vision

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WindCycle has a clear vision for the future

he company is in the process of research and development of a new concept in wind turbines for Cities.

Wind farms power is an established major international industry but limited land requirements, infrastructure and energy transmission costs as well as noise pollution makes it not suitable for Cities. Both Onshore and Offshore wind farms power is growing fast, but it is still very expensive to build these kind of wind farms compared to Individual Wind Turbines for use in developed cities. Even though onshore and offshore farms make use of winds that are more frequent and stronger than in urban environments, the requirements for extensive portions of land and sea and the infrastructural development needed to bring that energy back into the Cities is massive.

Mission & Vision

WindCycle has a unique solution for Cities wind power. Many areas of the Cities has interactive wind effects that are untapped. For example the wind generated by passing vehicles on the roads or highways where the electric infrastructure is already in place allows the settlement of individual wind turbines, mostly of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) type that allow the extraction of power from wind coming on any directions and it is already a proven technology. 

Most of the current VAWT concepts that are being tested are of the traditional type of turbines mounted on some form of structure hoping to catch winds coming from open natural sources. 

There is much to suggest that vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWT) are more suitable for Cities environment than the traditional horizontal-axis wind turbines (HAWT). The simplicity of the design and low centre of gravity are the great advantages. Few moving parts, lowering the total operation cost of the wind turbine. Service and maintenance costs are also minimized, which is a key consideration for wind turbine of tis kind. WindCycle is in the process of building and launching a 5 kW prototype, which has proven to be very stable in operation.

We now want to build new models for other particular locations in the City like inside the Subway lines to demonstrate the concept and the advantages of our system.

WindCycle’s great advantages are its simple, robust and cost-effective design that also leads to lower service and maintenance costs compared with other traditional horizontal axis wind turbines. WindCycle will deliver a competitive solution for future sustainable power generation.