Areas of Use

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Multiple applications for WindCycle

WindCycle is primarily intended for use in Cities, but there are many interesting areas in the Cities that deserves particular applications.

WindCycle for niche markets

WindCycle has now identified markets where wind turbines of these characteristics can meet a clear market demand and sees a possibility to build a business aimed at these niche markets. That can mean revenues for the company sooner than was originally planned. Today around 50% of the electricity consumed by the City is generated in coal plants and the other 25% in gas Plants that also emits CO2, the rest in produced by Nuclear Energy Plants which is both expensive and have security concerns like the failures occurred in Chernobyl and Fukushima Daichi resulting in massive environmental damage not only for the cities around but with consequences for the whole planet.
“It's clear that wind energy's time has come. My message is a very simple one: our government is committed to addressing climate change, and we know that wind power will play a critical role in those efforts.”

Our technology using VAWT for urban environment solves these problems to the extent to which it is relevant.